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An “exclusive” for my tumblr people

Presenting: CARTONHEAD 

A new 7 page comic I created for my upcoming ZICS compilation book! I doubt any of you will get a chance to buy it, so here it is for free! There will be several other comics included in the book.

I have no idea where I come up with this shit… can’t wait to see it in print form though!

Another drawing from a while back…
Inside every bong… lives a magical bong genie….
a character in the new comic I’m working on..

Mic E Mouse is crushing your city. The latest cartoon/graf mashup from Dzy.

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Over the long weekend I completed the 24hr comic challenge… 24pgs in 24hrs. I did basically no planning at all so the story is random as fuck, but I’m fairly happy with the art overall. I posted the whole lot, in three page blocks.

Have a read.

Page 3, 4 and 5 of the manga I am writing/drawing… 

PAGE 1 and 2 - I’m working on a short comic for practice before I attempt something more epic. This one will be maybe 8-10pgs… have a read if ya want ^^ Sorry I’m not the best writer, maybe I can find someone to work with, haha..

Our whining ‘hero’ is upset that his new trainer isn’t some big tough guy, will she manage to win him over? A much more serious problem awaits when they return to their village!

I’ll be uploading a couple of pages every couple of days, follow for more.

"Good for Health - Bad for Education"

My latest design is a tribute to one of my favourite movies, Akira.

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Latest drawing.. pencils n inks.

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Ksenia Solo.. as Kenzi, in Lost Girl.

I don’t usually have a thing for actresses…

But for her I’ll make an exception. Wow..

Ksenia Solo.. as Kenzi, in Lost Girl.

I don’t usually have a thing for actresses…

But for her I’ll make an exception. Wow..

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How I does stuff… sometimes.

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Wildstyle Crown
New art by Dzy.
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Very Metal:Noise Pollution.
It’s a lefty bass player girl… my first full character drawing with the new Cintiq.
Started designing t-shirts about a week and a half ago… why not.. I’m broke as fuck. Kind of obsessed with it now….
I make them completely from scratch, usually based on one of my blackbook sketches.
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