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Started designing t-shirts about a week and a half ago… why not.. I’m broke as fuck. Kind of obsessed with it now….
I make them completely from scratch, usually based on one of my blackbook sketches.
Here is my first 45 ready to buy on Red Bubble (custom tshirt site) get some original Tshirts, Hoodies, Baseball Ts, or Girly Ts
The print quality is pro and they use American Apparel clothing, so they fit real good and are comfy as fuck.



All original hand drawn/digital designs by Australian artist, DZY.

Comic style graffiti and design.

Get some original threads at crazy prices. All designs are available in a full range of colours and can be purchased as t-shirts, hoodies, baseball Ts, girly Ts and more! Prices around $20 - $50, nice price for good quality original gear.

Help a brother artist and share that shit around. More designs are added all the time.

Never owned a shirt before? Here’s some helpful tips…

Put your arms into the sleeves and head through the neck hole, then pull the main part down over your chest. You are now partially clothed. Pants optional.



/ @mrwanys @crushcityfame #graffiti #blockparty #wikidvans #wany #crushcity #getflickedphotography

Was lucky enough to catch (most of) this being painted at the local paintshop… Awesome photo - fucking amazing piece!


/ @mrwanys @crushcityfame #graffiti #blockparty #wikidvans #wany #crushcity #getflickedphotography

Was lucky enough to catch (most of) this being painted at the local paintshop… Awesome photo - fucking amazing piece!

The second map I created for my current college assessments… My first proper go at an isometric old school video game look. I created all the pieces etc from scratch, using photoshop and illustrator. Turned out ok.
Some digital colour versions of a marker drawing I did last year.
I’m studying Interactive Gaming (feel free to point n yell “neeeeeeerrrrrrrd!!”)
Here’s a quick map thing I did in photoshop, kinda dodgy but it turned out ok. First time I’ve used photoshop in over 2yrs… I really should have used illustrator but I’m even rustier with that tricky bullshit.

Here’s another A3 (17”x11”) ink drawing.. finally finished the thing. Uhm.. manga robot style..? I used copic multi-liners.

The prized “Plastic Bag with a Cardboard Box in it” has come up for grabs… could this be a fight to the death!?

Boof (11yrs) vs OddSox (4mths)

More A3 sized (17x11”) black book ink… just a quick one.
Latest black book ink - “Another Crooked City” 
Size is A3 (17x11”), I used Uni-Pins, Sharpies, Artlines, Staedtlers, Copics and whatever other markers I could find with any ink left in em… Getting some proper scans of these A3 pics soon.
Went to ma’s to help her clear the garage, found these babies!
3DS? What the fuck is that..? This is 1983 bitch.
Before the brothers became super.

Fuck some dudes post some emo shit on tumblr…

"Yo, I like, have a graffiti blog… but sometimes I just gotta talk about my feelings and stuff…"




Cats. Cats. Cats-cats-cats.

New A3 marker sketch, with inverted version.